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EBS Lesson One  Building a rock groove (using quarter notes)

Introducing the note of ‘A’, with an ‘open’ string

To help us understand quarter notes we can use them to play a rock groove. The first stage is to count out loud the four quarter note beats in the bar and play a bass note on each one. The bass note we will play is ‘A’. The note of A is found in the bottom space on the musical stave, as shown above.

We can find this note on the third string of the bass guitar. Take a look at the picture of the bass guitar and you will see that we have named and numbered each string.

You do not need to use your left hand at all for this exercise. You simply play the third string with your index finger of your right hand. Playing a string without using the fretboard is called playing an open string, as it is not closed by the left hand. The note played using an open string, is the name of the string. So, if you play the strings of the bass without fretting them, each string will produce the following notes.

String names

String Names

Playing the Open A string

Playing the Open A string.

Now we are going to play our first exercise written below.

For each exercise throughout the course you have multimedia clips. These will help you understand the exercises and give you an opportunity to play along with them as well. There are video and play-along files, so you can see, hear and play along with the exercises.

Watch the video for the exercise first by clicking on the video icon, so you can see what to do. You can then listen and play along to the play along file using your BassXtractor, using the Xtractor icon – the one with the Gigajam G.

Figure 1. Open A on String 3 - the A string

Figure 1: Open A on String 3, the A string.

NOTE: There are 4 clicks at the beginning of each exercise to count into the exercise.

Exercise 1. Playing an open A

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