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Recording Studio

Welcome to the Steinberg Sequel 2 recording studio.

The studio is designed to support the use of music technology in school. You can download and install a free 45 day trial of Steinberg Sequel 2 which can be used in school and at home.

In addition we have provided music technology tutorials to help you understand how to get the most from recording and composing with Sequel.



Introduction: Install Steinberg Sequel 2 Trial

Download and install Sequel 2. There are details instuctions to ensure simple installation.


Lesson 1 : Sequel 2 Tutorial

This 10 minute video tutorial introduces you to Sequel 2 and will provide you with the building blocks to start recording and composing.


Lesson 2 : Controller Learning Functions

In this lesson there are four videos designed to support you making the most of your harware controller.


Lesson 3 : Virtual Keyboards

These two video tutorials outline how to use your computer keyboard and mouse as virtual controller keyboards.


Lesson 4 : Tapping out a Tempo

This video tutorial shows you how to work out the tempo of a given piece of audio.


Lesson 5 : Using Track Icons

Here we outline how to use track icons to make your project easier to navigate.


Lesson 6 : Freezing a Track to Save CPU

Learn about freezing a tracks effects to free up CPU power.


Lesson 7 : Using The Media Bay

Discover the new Media Bay and how to use it effectively.


Lesson 8 : Reverse Clip Effect

Learn how to apply an effect to an audio clip, in this example we use the Reverse Clip effect.