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Music Theory 101

Drum lessons screenshot

Welcome to the GigajamVLE Theory course.

You don't need to study this add-on course to excel in your selected instrument, but if you wish to know more about the underlying musical theory and develop your skills further then please do so.

Lesson 1  How to read music

This lesson covers: notes on the musical stave, ledger lines, treble and bass clefs, the use of bars and time signatures, how to read; whole, half, quarter, eighth, and sixteenth notes and rests, ties and dots in developing rhythm.


Lesson 2  How to build scales

This lesson covers: how scales are created using sequences of intervals, major and minor scales, including natural (relative), harmonic, melodic minor scales as well as pentatonic and blues scales.


Lesson 3  How to build chords

This lesson covers: simple chords using triads, how to build major and minor chords using scales, the formation of diminished, augmented, 7th, minor and major 7th chords, Sus4 and Sus2 chords.


Lesson 4  How to understand keys and key signatures

This lesson covers: musical keys, recognising all major and minor key signatures, the cycle of fifths and cycle of fourths, the concept of relative major and minor keys.