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Xtractor 5.1 / XtractorSynth CTP for Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP

Here are our current Community Technology Previews of our desktop software. Please note although these have been tested thoroughly internally and are considered stable, they may have issues across sytems, networks and situations where we are unable to test.

We'd appreciate any feedback on problems you encounter, if any.


First you must install the Microsoft .NET Framework 4. If you are using XP then you'll need to be running Service Pack 3 before you can install the .NET Framework.

Download .NET Framework 4

Xtractor v5.1 Feb 2014 CTP

This is the latest public version of Xtractor 5.1 and has a number of fixes implemented since Xtractor 5.0.197

Download Xtractor Beta

Release Notes

  • Fixed metronome counting bugs with 5/8 and other time signatures.
  • Removed Expect 100 Continue header from upload post that was causing trouble with some proxy servers.
  • Changed metronome drum notes to GM MIDI sounds found on more hardware.
  • Implemented a different sound for the first beat of the metronome.
  • Metronome notes can be changed in the app.config file.
  • Added support to launch XtractorSynth on startup if it is installed.
  • Added support to upload using Shibboleth identity

XtractorSynth Feb 2014 CTP

XtractorSynth combines a MIDI SoundFont engine, with a MIDI loop device. It is intended to be a low latency replacement for the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth that is included in Windows.

This allows Xtractor to be used with controller keyboards and other MIDI devices without a built in hardware synth, such as some drum machines and guitar controllers without the latency that has previously been a big problem for these devices and Xtractor.

Download XtractorSynth