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EKS Introduction  Introducing the keyboard

Anatomy of a keyboard

You can download and print out this page so that you can refer to it at any time.

Anatomy of the keyboard (PDF 41KB)

Study the keyboard below noting the pattern of the white and black keys and the notes they represent.

‘Middle C’ is highlighted. Middle C is half way between the treble and bass clefs on the stave. Generally, you would play the notes below middle C with your left hand and the notes above middle C with your right hand; although there are exceptions to this rule.

The keyboard shown below is a five octave keyboard. In other words, there are five full octaves from the C key at the far left, to the C key at the far right. Other keyboards may have more or less keys. For example, modern pianos usually have just over seven octaves. Compare the keyboard below to the one you practice on. Does it have more or fewer keys?

The keyboard (5 octaves)

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