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EMT Lesson Three  How to create and play chords

Chord of Bminor7 (Bm7)

Figure 12. The notes of the Bm7 chord   (Enlarge)

Figure 12. The notes of the Bm7 chord

You already know that a chord comprising of root note, minor third and perfect fifth is a minor chord.

When the interval between the perfect fifth and the seventh is three semitones (a minor third) this gives a flattened seventh (b7); not a major seventh. When the seventh is flattened, simply add the number ‘7’ on to the name of the triad. Therefore:

B + D + F# = B minor
Add flattened 7th = Bminor7

The chord we have created is Bminor7 (Bm7)


Minor 7th chord: 1, b3, 5, b7

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