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EDS Lesson One  Building a rock groove (using quarter notes)

Practising and playing along

Hopefully you are now feeling quite comfortable with the exercises, but you will need to play them over and over to improve.

We have another play-along track which has some music to play to. This should help you build the speed and stamina of your performance.

You can keep increasing the tempo, using your Xtractor, as you become more comfortable. But take it in small increments, so that you can build up the quality of your performance.

Play along

Play along
Xtractor MIDI File Upload exercise to myGigajam Large stave

After a while, record your own performance into the computer with the music and listen to see how it compares with the drums on the MIDI file. After that, you can play your first rock groove along to your favourite CDs, picking out the four beat pulse from the music.

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