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EKS Songbook Level One  Give It All – Hip Hop

Songbook Level One

Understanding the chart

Download and print out the score, so that you can refer to it as you follow the keyboard chart.

'Give It All'

Go through the chart, step by step, looking at each section and understanding what the chart is asking you to do.

Step One

The first thing you will see is the name of the tune, ‘Give It All’, and the name of the composer. The title is the important one as, if you had a number of songs to play, it is essential that you play the correct one!

Step Two

At the top left hand side, before the tune starts, you will see the note '4 Clicks'. This means that you will hear four clicks before the tune starts. This will help count you into the song.

Step Three

Next is the time signature, ‘C’, which is the sign for ‘common time’ and means there are four beats in each bar. This is familiar territory for you.

Step Four

The Introduction is a twelve bar section which is split into three, four bar sections. The chord sequence is played over four bars. Learn the triads and the rhythm in the first four bars, and then you will be ready to play the whole Introduction. Notice that you play the same rhythm with both hands. You have a bass note in the left hand, supporting the right hand triads.

Step Five

The Chorus uses the same chords as the Introduction. So, once you have learned the Introduction, you have the Chorus covered. The Chorus section is just two repetitions of the chord sequence. It is, therefore, eight bars long.

Step Six

After you have played the Introduction and Chorus, you move into the first Verse. Here the rhythm is slightly less intense, as the two eighth notes in each bar are replaced by a single quarter note. This has the effect of relaxing the rhythm.

Unusually, the Verse is ten bars in length, although this feels and sounds quite natural in this tune. Just make sure that you count carefully, so that you do not lose your place. The only variation is found at the tenth bar (bar 30), where there is a whole note that signals the change to the second Chorus.

Step Seven

The second Chorus is almost the same as the first. Just be aware of the bass notes, in the left hand, in the seventh and eighth bars (bars 37 and 38) — which lead into a short Bridge.

This Bridge is, essentially, a repeat of the four bar chord sequence of the Introduction. Note, however, that the fourth bar (bar 42) is different: the left hand plays a single whole note, and the last two notes in the treble clef are a single eighth note, followed by a single quarter note. The song then moves from the Bridge into the second Verse — which is identical to Verse 1.

Step Eight

The song finishes after the second Verse with a double Chorus. The last two bars are whole note triads with a bass note in the left hand. The end of the tune is marked by ‘Fine’, which means ‘finish’.

Step Nine

Now, watch and listen to the multimedia files and follow the chart through a couple of times. Once you have done that, have a go yourself. You can play with the keyboard player, or mute the keyboard track so that you can play with the band on your own.

Remember to:

  1. Concentrate.
  2. Count.
  3. Look at the chart as you play.
  4. Cycle the difficult bits and practise them.
  5. Slow it down to a tempo at which you can read and play.
  6. Have fun.

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