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Top 10 - School Uploads

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Maidstone Grammar School for Girls 40196
Tiverton High School 35708
Portora Royal School 19361
Melior Community Academy 17509
Luton Music Service 12242
Island Free School 10476
GMS, High Wycombe 10255
The Westgate School 10053
Witton Park Academy 6504
Pleckgate High School 4524

Island Free School 3314
Witton Park Academy 1414
GMS, High Wycombe 783
Luton Music Service 623
Maidstone Grammar School for Girls 226
Arc School -Arc Church End School 33
St Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic CFL 13
West Byfleet Junior School 3

Witton Park Academy 448
Island Free School 317
GMS, High Wycombe 196
Luton Music Service 106
Maidstone Grammar School for Girls 63
West Byfleet Junior School 3

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